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Meet the Vampire Court
The Vampire Court of Dallas / Fort Worth is a federally certified 501(c)3 charitable organization that seeks to empower the various alternative subcultures and perform actions that directly impact the local area. We do this by partnering with local clubs and venues throughout the DFW metro-plex, as well as many local small-businesses, with the goal of simply doing good in the city that we love. At the same time, we are a fully-democratic member-driven group that gives our membership a voice in the day to day business and future actions of the organization. While our role is steadily growing in the metropolitan landscape of Dallas, we seek to not only make a positive act locally, but also nationally, through our example of acceptance, inclusion, and diversity.
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We are a fully democratic society based in Dallas to uphold vampire law and customs within the D/FW metroplex. Founded in 2016, our primary purpose beyond this is to act as a support structure, social structure and community service organization that serves the vampire community of our city and the numerous charities that operate within...

Our governing structure is 100% based on the elections of the membership, with numerous areas of officer responsibility for members, but all being fully answerable to said membership.
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